My status in life

Blog is not what are you doing now; you do for your project, you do for your self and sometimes you do because this is requirements, Me I feel that blog is not all about that. For me blog is the best way to impress your emotions in your topic because you can say what you want to say in your topic and we can relate this in to our life, it is better than other media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Blog is the part of my life because I can say everything, about my life especially I can say my emotions.


My Second Home

Family is the best thing that you have in life. And this picture, this is what i called family and makes me smile when I see it because this family makes me strong. Yes, this is my second family because  with them I learned from them, from making my own strategy in playing, to enjoy, and to improve yourself from everything.

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I am a Badminton player

No matter what people say, I don’t quit my dream; I am a player with a purpose, I want to to inspire a lot of people, to teach them, and to encourage them to play badminton. Me as an athlete, Badminton is not all about playing, it is about dreaming and this is what I called “life“.

One day someone ask me. “Why did you play Badminton?” and I said. Badminton is my passion. I play for the people, I play for making fun, I play for the name of the school, I play to encourage other people to play and I play to inspire people.

Me as a player, I want to say that; If you have a talent, show it to others and make them inspire by you. And don’t quit, just go with the flow of life.

Choose to be Happy

Happiness is when you are having fun with your friends. I encounter life, friends in playing badminton. I am so glad to have them because they make me happy. Me as an athlete i want to show what i have now, i want to teach, i want to share my talent to others and to make them happy. I am a badminton player, I play with the feeling of willingness, I am a champion, even when we’re lost in our my last game because if losing is when you give up on your dreams. I have an inspiration in playing Badminton; God, family, teachers, school, friends and also the one I love. I love playing badminton, to play with patience, to play with team work, to play with the heart, to play with trusting your self and your partner in game. I am a Badminton player, We are the badminton players. We love playing, and making fun in every game, and We have a goal to inspire others. In this picture, we are having a team work in our fight; Yes, we feel the depression but we control our selves and making fun in playing. The lesson is if you play, enjoy it and play using our heart.



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Hope and Dream

Derrick Rose is the one who makes me happy and my inspiration in playing basketball. He is an athlete who is humble, tired but he want to win in every game. In year 2012, Rose has injured with his  left knee, against Philadelpia 76ers and the bulls team was disappointed because their point guard has injured; He can’t play for his team for the whole year. After that, Rose return back to his team to play, but his game is not the same before. After that, he decided to go in other team in NBA; to experience, to be happy and to know his vocation in life.  I know Rose is still hoping to win, and to become a champion because he said one time, “I want to win. I want to be happy and feel at peace with myself wherever I’m at. But being at the negotiating table, you never know. I’m not going to negotiate with people where money is the No. 1 thing I’m asking for. I want to win.” . And the lesson is don’t play with the money; Just play with willingness, and to stay strong for what are you doing, even when you fall; stand and don’t forget to Pray and to Hope.

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Prayer is the best way to make you strong, to be a good athlete, and hoping to be successful player or to achieve your goal as an athlete. Winning is what athlete’s want to have, and Losing is the part of our life. As an athlete, accept everything like what God gave to you, even when your lost, say thank you to Him because He gave a strong mind and body to you.

Life is like a BADMINTON.

Winning is always given to us, but we need to work, practice, and to improve our mind before we fight.

A guide as an athlete

To have a coach is the best way to achieve your goal’s as an athlete. This is my first coach when i play badminton because she guided me when i play and she teach me how to use my heart in playing badminton. Maribeth D. Tempra is my classmate when i was a junior high school student and i consider her as my  coach. And now, we are not in the same school but we continued playing badminton and still dreaming to achieve our goals in life.


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